Why Support Local: Local small businesses are essential for economic growth. They bring new innovation and growth to local communities. The provide jobs and create entrepreneurship possibilities and Support Local economies, neighborhoods and communities.

The local arts community benefits when artistic talent is showcased. Musicians and bands find work as a record label, manager or live music producer. Artists have easy access to recording and production studios, where they can record and make demos. Live entertainment has the same advantage.

A benefit of supporting local small businesses is the economic stimulus it provides to the local economy. When a local business grows, more people spend in that business. This helps the local economy. In addition, when people spend money at a local business, more people get to be involved in that business and spend money there.

Small businesses grow when people Support Local arts organizations and other nonprofits. The increase in commerce generated by such businesses helps the arts and other nonprofit organizations to flourish. A third benefit of supporting local businesses is the exposure to international markets. Many foreign-born people come to the U.S.A. and become citizens. Such citizens may wish to travel the world and bring their expertise and talents back to their home countries. Such individuals become potential investors, who could potentially build a fortune by investing in businesses in the U.S., elsewhere in the world and even in Canada.

Why Support Local Food Systems: Even though local food systems are thriving, most of them are not getting the support they need from citizens, private foundations and other sources to continue their work. Many cities have historic preservation clubs, but few have support for this club like the national level. Why Support Local businesses? A food system is a good example. When people care about local businesses, it shows.

Supporting local businesses is an important aspect of being a good citizen. When people care about local businesses, they tend to do more business in those communities and spend more money there. This generates a diversified economy with a wide range of income and wealth. When people who live in a community support that community’s businesses, they become integral to that community’s cultural life and also contribute financially to it. It is a win-win situation for everyone.
What Do I Need To Do To Support Local Businesses? There are many small things that you can do, day in and day out, to Support Local businesses. Find out what your city or town needs and then start planning ways to support that. Maybe there is a grant available for a business or nonprofit organization that you know about.

Another great idea is to be part of a citizens’ committee, which will get involved in everything from raising funds to putting together an event. Often, groups that are set up as committees have a small but dedicated group of supporters who help run the committee. That kind of group energy and commitment can make a big difference in the lives of those businesses. So take some time today to Support Local businesses.