There is a need for you to get to understand the difference between lock replacement and lock rekeying so that you make your decision wisely
Locks rekeying
Lock rekeying is all about the alterations of the internal components of the locks so that they are able to get accessed by the new key only. It is a process that ensures that the key which was used previously cannot be able to access the locks again. So, whoever has the older keys will not enter the property again unless you give them the new keys.
The lock bodies when rekeyed are not completely replaced and it is only the internal components like the lock cylinder and the pins of the key and the key which are modified during the process. Because some parts of the lock are retained, they cost cheaper as compared to the key replacement. It is important that the process of rekeying will be done by a locksmith who is professionals as doing it on your own can compromise the lock quality and your own security
Lock rekeying are known to increasing your security sense. It is also known to be cost effective and can be done easily by the professionals. The only disadvantage of the process is that, it is possible to get stuck with the type of the lock you already have. Despite having to rekey, a lock that is low quality will retain its security features.
Lock replacement
Lock replacementis when the whole keys and locks are changed. In most instances, the replacement of locks utilizes new locks and keys so that everything gets secured and are free from any security features. Those who will be able to access the locks and provide the keys to other owners of property are the owners of the property