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Why has a large parking structure been proposed instead of more surface parking lots?

In order to compete for Federal funding, terminus stations (such as the one proposed at Cosumnes River College) need to provide sufficient parking to claim ridership. A computer model generates the anticipated demand for spaces required at each of the stations. The model calculated a demand of 2,000 spaces for the College.

While efforts can and will be made to encourage carpooling (and using other transit) to the station, realistically the majority of trips will still be made by single occupancy vehicles needing parking. By building an attractive vertical structure to accommodate the amount of cars required at this terminus station, this proposal is more competitive with others vying for federal dollars.

Land use is a very important issue, particularly when competing for Federal assistance. A surface parking lot with acres of asphalt is not attractive and reduces the amount of transit oriented development that can take place in the station area. By building an attractive vertical structure to house the same amount of cars required at terminus stations, this proposal is more competitive.