We live in a world where the current generation is more advanced and creative than in the past.
Individuals want to share with the world the experience and knowledge they have acquired from their profession.

This experience should be done in a way that attracts big crowds to your teachings so that a lot of people can hear what you have to say.
There are variousways in which you can achieve this sharing of knowledge.
Blogging is the first thing that comes to mind because it’s one of the most lucrative and prosperous options in the market.
You can communicate with your audience and express your deepest thoughts on the matter.
A blog can simply be looked at as a diary that is presented to a large audience.
You need to have vast knowledge and experience in this field, in order to reach your full potential and have enough readers.
But, the prime question when learning how to start a blog for free, is it successful?
The answer is YES, but it involves a lot of hard work, connectivity, and transparency.
Selection of the perfect niche
Several factors are essential for a successful blog.
The first one is crucial and it involves finding a niche that suits you best.
Deep knowledge and understanding of the topic are required in order to create good content and rank high in search engines.
After finding your niche, you should continue with naming the blog.
Many people simply prefer to use their names.
The domainname should be inspiring and attractive to the readers.
It should be easy to remember also so that your readers don’t forget the name.
Blogging on your own server or online platform
After finishingwith the niche and blog name, you should focus on where you will host the blog.
Several websites are offering free hosts for the blog.
Good web hosting is vital for the successful set-up of the blog.
You can opt to either go for paid or free hosting servers.
But it’s recommended that you have paid web hosting for your blog, in order to sleep well at night knowing that your content is in good hands, and you won’t lose it overnight.
Maintenance and design
The readers or fans of your blogwill be more pleased with the content and presentation of the blog if you use a good-looking theme for it.
Many bloggers opt for web design software.
But, if you use WordPress as a blogging platform, can work with freethemes and plugins.
The key to successful blogging is consistency and vast research of your topics.
You should try to publish every day fresh content in order to keep your readers hooked.