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Current Construction Activity

Latest Activity – Construction Activities- Week of February 23, 2015

Tail Track to Cosumnes River Boulevard bridge:

Welding continues

Center Parkway:

The contractor will be reinstalling the panel crossing, curb, sidewalk and gutter. There will be a complete road closure at this location from 2/26-3/2 .

Franklin to Morrison Creek bridge:

Ballast work is underway

Morrison Creek bridge:

Place and line rail

Morrison Creek bridge to Ann Arbor Way:

The contractor is laying and grooming the top ballast

Morrison Creek to Meadowview crossing:

The contractor continues to place fabric, bottom ballast, ties and rails

OCS and Signal work continues along the corridor

TPSS #10:

Cable installation is underway

Cosumnes River College to Cosumnes River Blvd. bridge:

Instrument house work and cable installation continue

Franklin Crossing:

The contractor continues to work on the median and manholes at this location

Work continues on the Crossing gate/cantilevers

Cosumnes River College Station:

Communication/storage room work continues

Bridge CIDH installation is underway

Shelter fabrication has begun for the station

Above ground electrical work continues

Center Parkway Station:

The contractor is fabricating the  shelter for the station


The contractor is laying and grooming the top ballast, as well as laying ties and rail

Franklin Station:

The contractor is fabricating the  shelter for the station

Irrigation and landscape work continues

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The Blue Line to CRC project will add four new light rail stations (Morrison Creek, Franklin, Center Parkway and Cosumnes River College), 2,700 park-and-ride spaces and a major new transit center at the Cosumnes River College Station.The Blue Line to CRC light rail extension project (also referred to as South Line Phase 2) is one of the highest priority transit projects in the region and, once completed, will extend light rail 4.3 miles from the existing terminus at Meadowview Road to Cosumnes River College.Construction of the two light rail bridges over Cosumnes River Boulevard and Morrison creek is almost complete. Civil and track work is scheduled to begin in September 2013, with revenue service beginning late 2015. Click here to view a current project map.

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Civil Construction Underway

Tree Removal Mitigation

Removal of some trees along the alignment of the Blueline to CRC will be necessary to facilitate the construction of the light rail track and stations for this important light rail extension.  Every effort has been made to minimize the number of trees being removed, and replacement trees will be planted along the alignment, the CRC campus and at the new stations as construction is completed.  In fact, RT will be planting 1.6 trees for every tree removed.  To learn more about how tree removal is being mitigated for please view  Chapter Four – Affected Environment in the Final EIR/S. It can be viewed here.